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#18 Adam Dole: KNF Climate Consciousness, Dragons & Let’s Grow Hilo

Special Guest: Adam Dole | Adam recently moved to Hawaii to put Korean Natural Farming into practice. He recently left his family’s flower farm in New England where he worked for several years as the chief grower. Climate change is a big reason he moved to Hawaii and he hopes more folks pay attention to the issue. We get into KNF politics a bit… listen to episode →

#17 Crowley, Anger, Hippy Dogma, RegenAg

David and Drake go into the occult legends Aleister Crowley and Helena Petrovna Blavatski and their mystical origins. Then we go into anger and analyze it with formulas found in nature. A few hippy dogmas such as the hundred monkey phenomena were gone over to see what and how they fit into today’s religious space. Of course the main topic was regenerative ag and… listen to episode →

#16 Harry Solomon: The Practice of the Medicine Here and Now

Calling people into activation, applied knowledge has value, living knowledge, keeping knowledge alive, preserved, and shared, keeping it simple (common sense), daily practice with the earth, being energized of the transfer of energy from malama aina and stewarding the earth (no need for “food”), eating the earth (drinking soil water), nature connection awareness, natural building. Harry is a father, master of plant medicines, a… listen to episode →

#15 Cody Lee Johansen: PNW Regenerative Dairy Goats

Cody is natural farmer from Washington State. Cody’s family raises goats and other vegetable crops on the farm. He shared his story from starting as a dairy goat milk consumer and growing into a producer for his local community. He also shares advice on what to do if you too are interested in raising goats for the first time. Cody shares about the progression… listen to episode →