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#35 Nate Brown – Farming With Brown Sugar, Woke Children & Hope

Join Nate of Brown Sugar Farm in Sacramento California. We go into Nate’s farming journey -How he got started -One straw revolution parallels letting my family backyard orchard die in drought -talk on working with kids -agroforestry -farming while black -what kind of IMO box is best? Could there be better kind for different areas? -how to overcome obstacles of knf in urban setting… listen to episode →

#34 Felix Gobeil: Unveiling the University Deception, Agronomy & Having a Heart

Felix Gobeil has recently graduated in Agronomy from Quebec University and talks about the deception and old school “dead soil” approach that the professors take to growing living plants and giving advice to farmers. This eye opening episode to the state of farming education is an alarm for all of us to take heed on. If the knowledge from the top will not acknowledge… listen to episode →

#33 Jason Fox – Vetiver Solutions, Seven Feathers & Nahko

Jason Fox has been growing vetiver on the Big Island of Hawaii for over 13 years. We go into how natural solutions give hope to all and are real investments each time we plant. Farming is an investment in our sovereignty and dignity. We go into real tangible solutions to pollution. Support Jason and Vetiver Farms Hawaii Jason on Instagram Find out more about… listen to episode →

#32 Sam Bevans & Mike Kaplin – Irrigation without “water”, Polymorphism, Bechamp

Sam Bevans is back! We go even deeper in this episode going into how the microbes naturally sequester water into the soil with or without rain! Have you ever seen a tree growing in the desert with little to no precipitation? There are trillions of microbes in the soil pulling water out of the air and storing it in their bodies! “In the next… listen to episode →