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#30 Scott Laaback: Center For Getting Things Started, HFUU

As a professional Land Coach, Scott talks about a new paradigm to give ourselves wealth. The drivers are our highest gifts when built up from the community that creates economy. Perhaps the world is not based on competition, but instead based on cooperation and place, much like the forest. He is the Vice President of the Hawaii Farmers Union United – Puna Chapter. Scott… listen to episode →

#11 Food Hubs, WhoGrew, Alien Dreams, Farm Life

Dreams about aliens can be weird. Surgery. Waking up and feeling as if wacky things are real. Do we abduct IMO when we do a collection? Updates on David’s orchard, and tips for growing fruit trees and using KNF to manage orchards. How to turn resources at our feet into fertility. How do we share abundance and still retain value without dealing with inflation?… listen to episode →