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#19 Adam Aharon: NeuroScience, Mushrooms, Spiritual Awakening

Special Guest: Adam Aharon | Adam is a natural farmer and permaculturist who studied neuroscience for his undergraduate degree and received his masters in molecular biology. He did his thesis on understanding how the brain works specifically with mental illness. He taught music for 15 years and molecular biology at university. After almost finishing his PhD, he had a spiritual awakening that led him… listen to episode →

#16 Harry Solomon: The Practice of the Medicine Here and Now

Calling people into activation, applied knowledge has value, living knowledge, keeping knowledge alive, preserved, and shared, keeping it simple (common sense), daily practice with the earth, being energized of the transfer of energy from malama aina and stewarding the earth (no need for “food”), eating the earth (drinking soil water), nature connection awareness, natural building. Harry is a father, master of plant medicines, a… listen to episode →