#26 Steven Cornett: KNF Market Gardening, Nature’s Always Right

Steven has successfully been living off his income from market gardening in San Diego California for the past 3 years. He has recently been integrating Korean Natural Farming into his sustainable soil food web oriented practices with delicious results!

He also takes care of chickens using Lactic Acid Bacteria and other solutions to keep the birds in top shelf health.

In this episode we discuss his successes and his big move from San Diego to start things fresh in Tennessee as a land owner and homesteader living the dream and aligning his life with Nature.

Steven’s YouTube channel is called Nature’s Always Right where he has documented his story often going into the minute detail to let you know how he does it, and boy is it fun to watch! He has grown his channel to over 63k subscribers and we go into how he does it as well.

Find out more about Steven Cornett at his website: naturesalwaysright.com

Bonus: Here is a short interview Steven and Drake did this past summer at the KNF Conference in Southern California