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#35 Nate Brown – Farming With Brown Sugar, Woke Children & Hope

Join Nate of Brown Sugar Farm in Sacramento California. We go into Nate’s farming journey -How he got started -One straw revolution parallels letting my family backyard orchard die in drought -talk on working with kids -agroforestry -farming while black -what kind of IMO box is best? Could there be better kind for different areas? -how to overcome obstacles of knf in urban setting… listen to episode →

#29 Ben Klenner: ProBiotic Life, Podcasting, Water, Systems

In this episode Drake interviews Ben Klenner of the Probiotic Life Podcast. Ben has over 49 episodes on his podcast focused on microbes and has interviewed many super stars in the regenerative and biological health community. He shares his reflections and how this journey has led him to be a full fledged natural farmer practicing and now teaching Korean Natural Farming in the Perth,… listen to episode →

#15 Cody Lee Johansen: PNW Regenerative Dairy Goats

Cody is natural farmer from Washington State. Cody’s family raises goats and other vegetable crops on the farm. He shared his story from starting as a dairy goat milk consumer and growing into a producer for his local community. He also shares advice on what to do if you too are interested in raising goats for the first time. Cody shares about the progression… listen to episode →