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#32 Sam Bevans & Mike Kaplin – Irrigation without “water”, Polymorphism, Bechamp

Sam Bevans is back! We go even deeper in this episode going into how the microbes naturally sequester water into the soil with or without rain! Have you ever seen a tree growing in the desert with little to no precipitation? There are trillions of microbes in the soil pulling water out of the air and storing it in their bodies! “In the next… listen to episode →

#22 Crrow777: Asian Natural Farming Alchemy, Sky Clock

On this episode of the Microbial Secret Society Podcast we have guest “Crow.” He is the host of a popular weekly podcast called “Crrow777radio.”His content can be found @ www.crrow777radio.com which he hosts live on the truth frequency radio. He has his own YouTube channel with hundreds of videosfeaturing his astro-photography work. He is known for his capture 7 years ago on September 16th… listen to episode →