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#29 Ben Klenner: ProBiotic Life, Podcasting, Water, Systems

In this episode Drake interviews Ben Klenner of the Probiotic Life Podcast. Ben has over 49 episodes on his podcast focused on microbes and has interviewed many super stars in the regenerative and biological health community. He shares his reflections and how this journey has led him to be a full fledged natural farmer practicing and now teaching Korean Natural Farming in the Perth,… listen to episode →

#23 Reba O’Day, Jennings Ingram, Brynn Foster: ‘Aina Wahine

What an amazing opportunity to sit down with 3 ladies of the land! Reba is a young-farmer entrepreneur farming sugar, mangosteen and durian with her true love on Maui. Jennings Ingram is fully immersing herself in nurturing ecosystems and experimental inoculation of her guts to witness amazing transformations in her immune system and quality of life. And in the members only content, we get… listen to episode →

#19 Adam Aharon: NeuroScience, Mushrooms, Spiritual Awakening

Special Guest: Adam Aharon | Adam is a natural farmer and permaculturist who studied neuroscience for his undergraduate degree and received his masters in molecular biology. He did his thesis on understanding how the brain works specifically with mental illness. He taught music for 15 years and molecular biology at university. After almost finishing his PhD, he had a spiritual awakening that led him… listen to episode →