#28 Evan Sharpe: Horticulture & KNF, WholePlantWellness Cannabis

Evan went to Horticulture College in New Jersey where he got a solid foundation to build his expertise in cannabis and home garden cultivation. He worked for many years in the garden center and nursery environment giving him the experience of fielding many obscure questions from customers wanting grow-know-how.

Evan has been exploring Korean Natural Farming after getting deep into living soil and exploring the benefits of systems modeled on nature. He is presently growing on 1/4 acre plot in Sonoma California, a relatively rural area with fertile clay soils.

He has worked with many teachers to facilitate learning opportunities spreading regenerative farming techniques. In the near future he plans to offer a “KNF 101 Course” breaking down the basics of what it is and how to use it. Evan has studied directly with Master Cho himself.

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