#24 Sam Bevans: Desert KNF, Israel, Farming without Water

Sam is the President and Co-Founder of the U.S Based 501c(3) Nonprofit The Tiffany Project. After studying in Hawaii with some of the top specialists in the fields of Organic Farming, Hydro/Aeroponics, and Regenerative Agriculture, Sam packed his bags, said goodbye to the lush rainforest he once lived in (Waipio Valley,) and made Aliyah to Israel. Sam now teaches Korean Natural Farming workshops here at Kibbutz Lotan as well as other locations in Israel, Kenya, and the United States. His goal is to naturally revitalize the indigenous microorganisms that lay dormant within the desert, and use them to create Living Soil in the Arava Desert and throughout the world.

In this episode we go into the following Question and Answers with Sam Bevans, who is now practicing and adapting Korean Natural Farming to the desert and extreme low water and saline situations.

  • How can Korean Natural Farming help balance salinity in the soil? ( Humic Acid, Coal, IMO)
  • Best Practices to stimulate currently dormant desert landscapes without using large quantities of water.
  • High Heats and Aerobic Microbes, do less beneficial bacteria thrive when we hit temperatures above 118 degrees F?
  • Cyanobacteria (Photosynthesising Bacteria) Is it possible to harvest Solar Energy From Microbes?
  • Harvesting Thermal Energy From IMO 3-5 + No Smell Pig Pens.
  • Microbes Breaking Down Rocks and Sand
  • Do IMO’s pull water from the air into soil/ general IMO and Water Conservation
  • Natural Climate “Change”/ Nature Restoration
  • How to Use IMO to not only fertilize, but to also change your environment from the ground up.
  • Will the high speed of microbial growth KNF offers ever begin to harm our environment/why?
  • Land Regeneration (Using IMO to Clean/Restore/Balance Heavily blasted areas with petro-fertilizers/pesticides/fungicides)

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